Saturday, 20 October 2012

Latest News

Available now is a new EP featuring brand new tracks ready for theautumn/winter of 2012!
Comes in slimline dvd case with sticker of the artwork.
See link for details


Currently i am writing material for the 5th & final album of this project.At least,this will be the last album for 2 years or more.There will still be releases but there will be a long break from writing new material heavily.
The 5th album will be titled 'Winter Ambient' and come in exclusive limited edition 'box' set.This will be hand woven by skilled hands in northern england whilst the album is being written & recorded.Many formats & extras will be included & details will appear here first in a month or so.This will be the ultime package with many natural & personal items included.As for the sound,it will be the standard cold soundscapes & the ever changing new experiments.Hopefully a video will be filmed in time for possible inclusion.

Another piece of news,the diefinitive interview with Lord Forneus is now printed in the latest issue of Autoeroticasphixiation Zine from New York USA.This is available for $4 or trade at the below link..

Thanks for the support,More soon..Head to our facebook pages for latest updates..

Lord F-ing Forneus