Friday, 29 April 2011

New Today!

a new compilation featuring alot of new material,re-issued old stuff & demos available now from Dark Meadow Recordings!

21 tracks for 2 pounds!


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

First Interview!

we are pleased to announce that Dark Meadow Recordings have published our first interview.also includes extensive biography & a discography of physical releases.catch it all here...

we will be releasing more material soon via this label .


Thursday, 21 April 2011

New CDr Release!


available as print on demand,new CDr release.featuring new,re-issued material and 2 bonus tracks!thats 21 tracks for £2 in the UK!

2pounds...21 this now or you are retarded


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Happy 420!

To celebrate we give you...


Blaze one for us

Friday, 15 April 2011


the new mini album is out now on Depressive Illusions Records(Ukraine)!
Get it here...includes a description of the concept of the release...

Limited to 200 copies on cassette!!


Thursday, 14 April 2011

First Single Out Now!

Get it free here...


Monday, 11 April 2011

New Release Soon!

Depressive Illusions Records of Ukraie will issue our second release through them very soon.Titled 'The Frozen Kindom Of The Hwicce',it is a journey through the local areas of England in pre-christian times,during cold winters,the pride of the anglo-saxons/pagans & reviving the old cultures & beliefs.
More details of the release date soon
Limited to 200 copies!
All the best,

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Changes & Developments


The Dungeon Of Darkness(Malaysia) released trilogy coming out this year is now to be titled 'Haunted By the Past..' Trilogy.Info on the release soon..

Depressive Illusions Records(Ukraine) will release a new e.p. based around local land in pre christian time,anglo saxon & pagan pride of the time & the usual cold.It is a view into the old tymes,old cultures & beliefs..This will be on cassette later in the year..

Dark Meadow Recordings(UK) will issue a compilation release on cdr very soon.This will include new,re-issued etc material.

Le Crepuscule Du Soir (France) will issue a new e.p. this year also,this will come in a slimline dvd case with booklet.

We issue two online singles soon.Winter Forest will issue their single on 4/20(April 20th)



Thursday, 7 April 2011

Todays Developments

today we can now announce more details on what is due to follow in the year..

Firstly Dungeon Of Darkness.With the release of Winter Nights.. & Disillusioned,the current plans from DoD are to work on a trilogy of 3 inch cdrs.The 'Influences & Narcotics Trilogy' will include the e.p. version of the new single NORML,which will be out on 4/20(April 20th).A tribute to Cannabis,Intoxication etc & in support of Cannabis Legalisation.Other 2 are re-issues of 'Drowned,Dragged & Strangled Under Poveglian Night' & 'In The Shadow Of Pendle Hill ' on physical format for the first and only time.This set will be issued as one in a special package as well as single e.p.s & the single from the 3rd e.p. will be out soon as download.After this or before or during,the new e.p. will be issued.'On A Cold Night..' will be released as a cd with an A4 Poster & on cassette with a sticker.The cd will also be about 20mins longer than the cassette and the tape will include a tape only bonus track.This new e.p. is all leaning towards the neo-classical based symphonic sound.All of this will appear from the summer..

Le crepuscule Du Soir will issue an e.p. by the summer.This will be in slimline dvd case format with booklet.

Depressive Illusions Records will issue a new release at some point also,i am not sure when though as yet..

Uh,i think thats it.


Wednesday, 6 April 2011


so available now is Soundscapes Of The Glorious North on 6 panel digipak via this link...

Also you can now get Winter Nights In Fields & Under Streetlights on cdr in dvd case with 4 page a5 booklet & 12 x 6 sticker via this link..also you can get a free promo tape of the Disillusioned e.p.

They have also just released Magnum Opus 6,free download featuring exclusive Mists.. track!
This compilation as it winds down will feature 2 other Winter Forest Industries artists! First will be the Dark Ambient influenced Trip Hop act Dark Isle featuring ACid with a song from back in 2006! The next will be Droning Power Electronic Noise act Froze.Hatech. featuring H-B of Noise act CIS.This will be the first release of anything by Froze.Hatech!
These Magnum opus Volumes will be out over the coming months,keep watching us & DoD Studio Blog which is in our Blog links..


Tuesday, 5 April 2011



Today we see 2 new releases!

Winter Nights In Fields & Under Streetlights.. which comes in a dvd case with a 4 page A5 booklet & free 12 x 6 sticker! Over an hour of new material


Disillusioned.. the free download e.p. is now issued as a free promo cassette


Magnum Opus 6 is now available for download!!!!

All these awesome releases are through our brothers, Dungeon Of Darkness !!

Check these links...
Dungeon Of Darkness -

Magnum Opus
Download Volume 6 :
VOL. 5 :
VOL. 4 :
VOL. 3 :
VOL. 2 :
VOL. 1 :


We can comfirm to old e.p.s are being re issued as part of a trilogy of 3 inch cdr's on Dungeon Of Darkness' sub-label,Flames Of Ceremonial! More info at the DoD blog!


The new e.p. this summer on DoD will be issued on cd with an A4 poster,Cassette with a sticker & each will have differant artwork & a differant bonus track!!

Hails DoD for their efforts!

& Finally....

Soundscapes Of The Glorious North available from
2nd album in 6 panel digipak limited to 50 copies!
Our most important release so far!!
Glorious North Prods. is basically now THE UK distributor for Mists... The have an awesome selection of our releases plus many other excellent releases by bands i truely hail!

For now,


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Current Flows

so the digipak is out now,get it before its gone.50 copies no re-press!
to quote from Mr.Sweeney...
Mists Of Poveglia “Soundscapes Of The Glorious North” is now available, and limited to 50 copies only! A very few promo copies are now in existence, and are limited to 6 hand numbered copies. Housed in hand made card packaging, coming with aged burnt papers. Allowing to genuinely appreciate The Smoke Of The Northern Lights in all it’s splendour.
It comes as a 6-panel digipak, and no re-press will be made.
Containing Cold, Obfuscous, Suffocating & Celestial Winter inspired Dark Ambient. Mists Of Poveglia patches have also been made available and are limited to a mere 20! A package deal will be put together soon.T-Shirts for Mists Of Poveglia will be made within the future, in between upcoming releases.

so keep your fucking eyes open!
and if you havent got it yet,what the fuck?

Later this mon th,our Malaysian brothers at Dungeon Of Darkness will release 2 of 4(!)releases due over the year.The main one being the dvd cased cd Winter Nights In Fields & Under Streetlights.This includes a 4 pg booklet & a 12x6 sticker!Then watch out for a new e.p. in the summer coming with a poster and the Magnum Opus full collection as one release!

still not ordered the digipak?
do it!


Friday, 1 April 2011

Digipak Out Now!