Sunday, 17 August 2014

Unreleased material 2011-2014 Free Download!

 thanks to everrone who bought the box set of the 5th album,it is now sold out!
We had a bunch of unreleased material dating back up to 3 years old that we decided we would release for everyone who did or didnt get the 5th album.And thanks to Legs Akibmo we have now had that issued for free download at the following link...

This concludes Mists Of Poveglia's current release schedule,we expect t write a short new ep in the Winter which will be issued as a free download so keep an eye out.
Again thanks to everyone involved with the 5th album box set!
  Until the cold..

Monday, 11 August 2014

5th Album Box Set Out Now!

  After 2 years of writing,recording and producing the hand made materials,our 5th album is finally released!
Coming in hand sewn form and limited to just ten copies at a great low price!
 More details & ordering here -

With this album we now take a long break once again,it is not known if we will record a full album again,certainly not for a few years is how i feel and have felt for a long time.We hope that this amount of material will last you into this coming Winter & beyond & we of course are very very pleased with the response of the project & all the support from fans & labels everywhere!
With this final act,Glorious North Productions also sees its last Ambient release.We are very proud to have been part of this label for over 3 years,first releasing our digipak of the second album,Soundscapes Of The Glorious North,which sold out in just under 2 months.And the fact its a home label for us was just the icing on the frozen cake.We thank Matt & the label for the support and efforts with our new album and wish him well in his future.
It is with a slightly heavy heart i say goodbye to the label but most of all this project,since summer 2008,6 years ago,i finally crafted the first songs whcih became part of our debut EP,Vinterlands,which was released in March 2010 on the long dead label Thorn Laceration Record,which was also a home label for us.I had always had a love for the darker,colder times of the year.And after hearing things in my teens such as Dusk & Her Embrace by Cradle Of Filth,moving to Black Metal & the Ambient scenes,i found a love for the most atmospheric music i could find.Those things came together when i was much older and began to write music with deep atmospherics,which eventually led to Mists Of Poveglia.I hoped in using the name this way it would lead people to plunging themselves into a solitude of cold landscapes,much to how i enjoyed the escapism of making the music.And im happy to say everyone seems to dig what ive tried to acheive.
 Again i cant thank certain people,labels,enough for their support.Just remember Depressive Illusions Records have plenty of Mists.. releases if you need to fullfil any spaces in the collection.I have worked with other,Glorious North being the other great label i feel i need to mention for obvious reasons.
 I know close by syaing a big thank you to everyone for the support & remember,theres only 10 copies of this 5th album so go buy it now youve read this!
 All The Best
 Lord Forneus

Saturday, 2 August 2014


  after almost 2 years since the album was recorded,the 5th album will be released very soon by our old brothers at Glorious North Productions!
The album will come as an ultra limited hand sewn 'box set' which will contain the full album on cdr,an unreleased EP from 2011 on cassette & 2 special manipulated Field Recordings on Floppy Disc.All are contained in their own handmade cases held within a hand sewn hessian cloth sack.
Details on purchasing will come soon,this is the only time you will get a copy of this special edition.And it is limited to an ultra kvlt 10 copies so act soon as you see it!
 Until then,