Thursday, 28 July 2011

Out Now!!

for an update we have a selection of Winter Forest Industries cassette limited editions!
all available at Depress Illusions Records...

Projects featured include...

Grimsvotn - Woodlands..(Debut Rehearsal Demo UK Raw Black Metal Ltd.200)
- Storming The Severn Estuary(2nd Rehearsal Demo UK Raw Black Metal Ltd.100)

Projekt Forneus - Hiberna-Bard Dreaming..(Only Release Raw UKBM/Ambient/Noise Ltd.99)

Uksinda Bunker - Harjutamine 2006(Only Release Raw UK Black/Death/Thrash 1-Off Rehearsal Tape Ltd. 99)

Damp Dungeon- Down In The Damp Dungeon(1-Off Demo English Drone Dungeon Noise Ltd.99)

and still copies of

Mists Of Poveglia - The Frozen Kingdom Of The Hwicce(UK Winter Ambient Mini-Album Ltd.99)

And Over At Dark Meadow Recordings...

Dark Isle - Poetry By An Open Fire (2004-2010 UK Trip Hop Ambient Collection in handmade case)

and still copies of

Dark Isle - Frozen Evenings By Candlight (UK Trip Hop Ambient Debut Full Length in handmade case)

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