Friday, 30 March 2012

Available! 10 discs box set

Mists Of Poveglia - Winter Forest [Box Set] 2012
[Kadaath 28]
10 Pro CD-r. Lim. 10 copies. Special box
Limited to only 10copies,this is the ultimate box set.
Ten discs inside a special box which includes..
1.Winter Forest - brand new album,very long,cold,ambient soundscapes..includes the 32minute 'Nocturnal Terminal'
2.Vinterlands.. - with bonus tracks with new artwork
3.Vinter Kunst - Winter Art cd re-issue after 2 years out of print
4.Black.White.Red. - special box set cd edition of unreleased album trilogy..dark ambient depths of nothingness..
5.Snowy Mountain Walks Under Northern Lights Sky.. - official cd version exclusive to this box set.
6.Winter Forest Downloads - official cd version of download material.
7.Winter forest Downloads 2 - Box set Edition - exclusive cd of rare downloads & compilation tracks.
8.Under A Snow Filled Sky.. - finally an official release for this old mini album after 2 bootlegs!
9.The Frozen Kingdom Of The Hwicce - official cd version of this mini concept ep
10.Frozen In Time - Rare Tracks - cd of rare material


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