Thursday, 17 March 2011

Current Updates

news from Glorious North Productions is good.The patches are almost ready for sale & the digipak release is complete & goes to print very soon.Shirts still in the pipline.
Le Crepuscule du Soir will be releasing a slimline dvd case release now instead of the original format planned.This release will now include a 4pg booklet.
Dungeon Of Darkness will issue a 4th release as an exclusive promo tape that will contain the full promo compilation e.p. 'Disillusioned..' from Winter 2010.This is not for sale but can be aquired when purchasing other releases from Dungeon Of Darkness or Winter Forest Industries.Only 20 copies will go to print for this physical version of the release.
Hellblast Records was due to release a tape but i havent got word from the guy yet so i am awaiting sending this off & if this label doesnt release it then i will issue it on another anyways.I was hopeing this would cater for the American fans so i will do my best to find a US based label to release it.
For now,

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