Sunday, 6 March 2011

Winter Recording Sessions..

we have finished(pretty much)the sessions for the Winter.we have some artwork to finish but the main few releases confirmed are finsished.we will ,after the artwork, begin recording a new e.p. to be released by Dungeon Of Darkness.I am told this will include a poster.I have no plans on sound or themes as yet for this e.p.,but as i say i will begin as soon as these sessions end.
There will be a free download e.p. through Winter Forest Industries very soon also,just simple as a piece of experimentation but again im still not thinking hugely about this yet.i just feel now its time to try a little something else with the death of Winter,mind you i seem to be most recording sessions anyways so it may not even notice..
...and our first single release via free download & extremely limited handmade cdr both through Winter Forest Industries also,released on 4/20,(April 20th to anyone who isnt American or a big stoner..)to show our support for the NORML campaign and everything Cannabis releated.The handmade cdr is only penciled in as yet as again im going to be pushed for time when 'making' this.And i think the content would be too difficult to release anyways..(think of the theme & you can understand..)
Well,there will be some side project tinkering when ive have the time in sessions.also i hope to collaborate with an old producer friend & one or two other people just for again some experimentation & to basically fuck with the sound whilst Winter is dead somewhere..
All the best,

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