Thursday, 7 April 2011

Todays Developments

today we can now announce more details on what is due to follow in the year..

Firstly Dungeon Of Darkness.With the release of Winter Nights.. & Disillusioned,the current plans from DoD are to work on a trilogy of 3 inch cdrs.The 'Influences & Narcotics Trilogy' will include the e.p. version of the new single NORML,which will be out on 4/20(April 20th).A tribute to Cannabis,Intoxication etc & in support of Cannabis Legalisation.Other 2 are re-issues of 'Drowned,Dragged & Strangled Under Poveglian Night' & 'In The Shadow Of Pendle Hill ' on physical format for the first and only time.This set will be issued as one in a special package as well as single e.p.s & the single from the 3rd e.p. will be out soon as download.After this or before or during,the new e.p. will be issued.'On A Cold Night..' will be released as a cd with an A4 Poster & on cassette with a sticker.The cd will also be about 20mins longer than the cassette and the tape will include a tape only bonus track.This new e.p. is all leaning towards the neo-classical based symphonic sound.All of this will appear from the summer..

Le crepuscule Du Soir will issue an e.p. by the summer.This will be in slimline dvd case format with booklet.

Depressive Illusions Records will issue a new release at some point also,i am not sure when though as yet..

Uh,i think thats it.


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