Saturday, 2 April 2011

Current Flows

so the digipak is out now,get it before its gone.50 copies no re-press!
to quote from Mr.Sweeney...
Mists Of Poveglia “Soundscapes Of The Glorious North” is now available, and limited to 50 copies only! A very few promo copies are now in existence, and are limited to 6 hand numbered copies. Housed in hand made card packaging, coming with aged burnt papers. Allowing to genuinely appreciate The Smoke Of The Northern Lights in all it’s splendour.
It comes as a 6-panel digipak, and no re-press will be made.
Containing Cold, Obfuscous, Suffocating & Celestial Winter inspired Dark Ambient. Mists Of Poveglia patches have also been made available and are limited to a mere 20! A package deal will be put together soon.T-Shirts for Mists Of Poveglia will be made within the future, in between upcoming releases.

so keep your fucking eyes open!
and if you havent got it yet,what the fuck?

Later this mon th,our Malaysian brothers at Dungeon Of Darkness will release 2 of 4(!)releases due over the year.The main one being the dvd cased cd Winter Nights In Fields & Under Streetlights.This includes a 4 pg booklet & a 12x6 sticker!Then watch out for a new e.p. in the summer coming with a poster and the Magnum Opus full collection as one release!

still not ordered the digipak?
do it!


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